Develop Youth Grants

Here's our sports kit and equipment scheme works


How does Develop Youth Award Funding?

Develop Youth will award, pound for pound for activity that aims to increase participation and/or improve performance at grass roots level. Grants will be awarded in vouchers of £100, £200 and £300 to be redeemed for equipment / kit of your nominated. The criteria for using the voucher: e.g. Applicants budget is £100 – Develop Youth will match the budget of £100 – Allowing an overall spending budget of £200 with the nominated supplier.



What is Grass Roots?

Grass Roots participation includes beginners and novices, i.e. those that are new to the sport or wish to improve basic skills. Schemes that benefit schools, young people, disability groups, ethnic minorities, girls & boys activities, development of sport in urban or rurally deprived areas with community involvement. Awards will NOT be given to individual sportspersons, county or national participants, profitable clubs/schemes, profit distributing bodies.


What’s the minimum & maximum Awards?

The Trust will match applicants spending budget pound for pound in denominations of £100, £200 and £300 vouchers.


How long is the Voucher Valid for?

The voucher must be redeemed within 6 months for issue date with the nominated supplier. After this date the voucher will be cancelled. The voucher is not transferable and must be used by the applicant only. In the event of schemes / club folding during panel consideration or within the 6 months after voucher being issued – the applicant must return the voucher, this will allows funds to be distributed to other applicants.


How does the panel decide?

Applications with grass roots development of the following will be given favourable consideration. schools, young people, disability groups, ethnic minorities, boys and girls activities, development of sport in urban or rurally deprived areas with community involvement. Develop Youth panel is selective and discretionary. There is no guarantee that an award will be made especially since funds are limited. Decisions of the award panel are final.



I have received funding from the Trust previously, can I apply again?

The Trust limits one successful application per club / school / scheme every two years. Applicants who have been unsuccessful in receiving awards can re apply after 6 months of last submission.

Does the Trust Expect any publicity in return?

The Trust doesn’t expect any publicity in return for awarded grants in the form of TV / Paper or radio exposure.