Helping advance the physical education of children and young people

Apply for a grant of up to £300 for your school or club

The Trust award grants of up to £300 to clubs and schools, which can be used for the purchase of sports team wear and equipment. We aim to financially assist those who take part in team sports as well as organisers of sports in clubs, schools or associations.  We award grants in the form of vouchers that can be exchange for kit and/or equipment from selected retailers. It is not the intention that this will be a free but rather on a matched basis to ensure commitment to the activities by both the participants and the organisers.

Applicants may be submitted at any time, with applications taking four to six weeks to be notified as to whether they were successful.

Scheme Criteria

Applicants are restricted to a maximum award of up to £300 in any two years period

Teams must be aged 16 years of age and under

Clubs must be a member of a recognized association or organisation representing a league

Clubs / schools are required to match the value of the grant applied for

Register your interest and we’ll send you an application form